Wake Up

by Mystery White Boy

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written and recorded in spring 2009


if I lay on this pavement all day
would anyone notice me?
if I lay on my bed for a week
would anyone miss me?

I'm coming to give you a letter I wrote
it's got nothing to do with me
there's a thousand and one different things in my head
that are asking to replace me
so I'll stay tied up

if I grew up in an afternoon
would anyone recognise me?
if I stood on the roof and whispered
would anyone hear me?

I've been driving around this wreck of a town
trying to find my way home
there's a hundred thousand voices in my head
and not one of them is my own
so I'll stay tied up
'til I get locked up
'til I can break out
'til I can wake up


released April 21, 2011
arranged performed recorded produced by Mystery White Boy
written by R. Mitchell




Mystery White Boy Bristol

Mystery White Boy lives in a very dark place, and speaks mostly in whispers.

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